Best Curtains to Keep Heat Out

Summer comes with unbearable heat and you need to prepare for it with some solid solutions! The simple solution would be investing in the best curtains to keep heat out which also saves money by keeping the rooms colder and saving on the extra cost of Air conditioners/fan and energy.
Many low quality curtains are available in the market in the name of thermal blackout curtains. Most of the time they are just normal curtains with bit thick material which provides no insulation for heat or cold. Sometimes they block some light but not enough to call them blackout curtains.

Due to all these issues we decided to review 3 best thermal blackout curtains which are made of high quality, high density insulated material which blocks heat, cold, UV rays and sunlight almost completely.

The good quality thermal curtains are multi-layered so they can prevent moisture and heat effectively. The following premium quality thermal insulating curtains have two layers of triple-woven fabric and a blackout technology to keep the light and heat out even to some extent it lowers sounds too. With multi-layered curtains the moisture and heat can not pass through the layers and keeps the room cool.
According to a study the New York City will see average 11 days above 100 degrees by year 2050 which currently has zero such days. Temperatures are going to keep raising and we will need to find energy saving solutions to keep rooms cooler. 
By preventing the direct sunlight with thermal insulation layer these curtains also protect you from UV rays. The fading of wall, flooring and furniture color due to the direct sunlight is also prevented when you use these curtains. The curtain also prevents allergens and dust mites. Previously these curtains used to be very unattractive in looks but now we have them in colors and designs to suite & enhance the styling of your room. Our list has curtains which prevents not just heat and UV rays but also soundproofing to some extent, so if you are working from home and need a quite place these will help you. 
We have reviewed some of the best quality thermal curtains below with the following criteria:
  • Fabric & Layers
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Price
  • Colors

1. Faux Linen Thermal Insulation Layer Curtain to Keep Heat+UV rays Out (8 Diff Colors)

(Stylish Premium Quality)

curtain that keeps heat out premium quality uv blokcing thermal curtain
If you like stylish interior and wants to keep your rooms cooler with some added styling in the summer then this is the perfect choice for you! The curtains have very thick high density fabric which provides quality barrier between your windows/doors and room. The material weighs 860 grams per meter. The extra layer of insulation coating keeps the heat and sunrays out effectively and side cooler.
With 8 Different colors to choose from the curtain also has a nice linen texture.
(Beige, coffee, Grey, Grey Blue, Light coffee, warm pink, Blue, Light Grey)
Curtains heading is available in Rod Pocket, Hooks, Grommet, Pencil Plate.
✅ Blocks Heat
✅ Energy Saving
✅ Blocks UV Rays
✅ Blocks Light & sound
✅ 8 Colors 
✅ Custom sizes & many ready made sizes check below
customer reviews

2. Premium Silver Thermal Curtain that Keeps Heat Out

(Budget friendly)

insulated thermal curtains to keep heat out blackout and thermal coating curtains for living room bedroom home windows doors
Our very first choice is made of polyester material with silver coating to prevent heat, light and UV rays from entering your home! These are more effective at keeping your rooms cool as they have silver colored reflection layers.
They come in three sizes 1×1.4m, 1.4×1.8m, 1.4x2m (WxH). Easy to use and easy to clean!
✅ Blocks Heat
✅ Energy Saving
✅ Blocks UV Rays
✅ Blocks Light
✅ Partial Soundproof
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3. Insulated High Density Linen Premium Thermal Blackout Curtains for Heat (8 Colors)

Insulated curtain that keeps heat out and rooms cool
The premium quality linen curtain with thick triple woven layers & bold texture not just adds new colors and styling to your rooms but also provides heat protection. The curtain has insulated layer from inside to keep the heat out from reaching into your rooms. The thermal insulated curtain is energy saver in summer heat. Thick curtains also prevents the noise from the outside giving you peaceful sleeps.
Curtains heading is available in Rod Pocket, Hooks, Grommet, Pencil Plate.
✅ Blocks Heat
✅ Blocks UV Rays
✅ Blocks Light
✅ Energy Saving
✅ Partial Soundproof
✅ Custom sizes & many ready made sizes check below
customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do curtains block heat?

Yes, Thermal curtains are specially designed to block the heat and UV rays from entering inside. The triple layered woven fabric and protective layer of thermal insulation helps to keep the thermal barrier between windows/doors and room. 

Do Thermal Curtains Work in the Summer?

Thermal curtains do work in summer as the insulation material provides perfect barrier form sun rays and heat. 

How Do Thermal Curtains Work?

By creating a dead space in between window & room the thermal curtain prevents heat transfer. Thermal curtains have multiple layered fabric and insulation to keep the sun rays from entering the room. 

What are the best curtains for keeping heat out?

We have enlisted above top 3 best curtains to keep heat out! 

Do blackout curtains work to keep heat out?

Not all blackout curtains can prevent the heat, only curtains with thermal insulation layer can block the heat. 

What curtains are best for insulation?

Thermal curtains provide good quality insulation from summer heat and UV rays. 

Do curtains help with heat?

Yes the thermal insulation provides effective reduction in heat. 

What can you put on windows to keep the heat out?

Good quality thermal curtains are easy and budget friendly solution to keep heat out in summer, also it helps you in winter by keep it warm inside. 

What kind of curtains block sunlight?

Our high quality thermal curtains block not just heat, sunlight but UV rays from summer sun. 

Generally all curtains are machine washable unless specified so, Simply use cool water to wash them and hang them to dry in sun, while drying hang them straight to avoid wrinkles.  


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